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Olympian Jackie Galloway: Her Road to Rio


By Sharron Calloway-Pete “Mom, I’m going to be world champion and I’m going to the Olympics.” At seven years old, Jackie Galloway had her future mapped out. As the highest ranked U.S. athlete in Taekwondo she is a force to be … read more

4 Things To Do This Christmas

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By Bryan Woods   Christmas is a blessed and often busy time of year. We all Cherish this special season; wanting to celebrate in a special way. Most would agree that noble and benevolent pursuits are the most valuable & important … read more

Who Do You Listen To?

20991823 - an african american girl reads her bible.

By Valerie Federoff Where do you get your information? Do you believe the message on the cereal box that says the cereal is good for you because it has 8 vitamins and minerals when you read the ingredients and find … read more

Ready-Set, Goals!

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By Le’Juana Searcy   With an empty gas tank, you will not go forward and reach your destination, no matter how hopeful you are when you sit in the car. This is applicable to setting goals, as well. You have … read more