Are Your Goals Worth Pursuing

lebron james

By Brandi Hale When you were younger you may have been taught, when you dream, dream big.  In addition to having a dream, it is even more essential to have a vision of your goals.  Even more so it is … read more

The Clutch We Depend On


By Brandi Hale There was a recent article published regarding the NBA’s recent statistics on the league’s most impressive clutch players.  In previous years, the title, ‘Mr. Clutch’ has been maintained by Kobe Bryant.   However, with the recent release of … read more

Who Are You…Really?

Full of Joy

By Le’Juana Searcy Does your true character take the lead when you walk in the room, or are you walking in the shoes of someone else?  A lot of teens struggle with who they are deep down inside and take … read more