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Why It’s Important To Seek College Scholarships

While paying for college can be a challenge, for many students, thousands of dollars in scholarships are available each year. In fact, according to a national study by Ipsos, more families use grants and scholarships to fund college than any … read more

Beyond High School


Learning About Earning

(NAPS)—Amid the escalating costs in higher learning is a growing chorus of concern that students need helpful resources and tools to make the right financial decisions when mapping out their career path. To that end, there’s an app, for mobile … read more



Salon Manicures Preferred

(NAPS)—When Freud famously wondered what women want, he should have checked in the nail salon. According to a recent Harris Interactive survey: • 91 percent of women feel better after visiting one • More than half of women have been … read more

Keepin' It Real!

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You Can’t Be Successful Holding a Bag of Grudges

One thing we can all count on in life is someone disappointing or upsetting us.  But what’s important is finding ways to go on with your life, without holding on to anger, which turns into grudges, and in most cases … read more

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Three Ways To Help Save A Life

(NAPS)—Ordinary people can do the extraordinary: Help save a life. Your marrow donation, your financial contribution, your time and energy—any and all of these gifts can result in a cure for someone like Valaria Fenderson. Just 12 years old, Valaria’s … read more

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US Bank Scholarship

U.S. Bank Scholarship

Provided by : U.S. Bankcorp Award: $1000 Deadline: May 29, 2014 The U.S. Bank Scholarship is available to high school seniors and college undergraduate students. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to be eligible for this award. … read more