DIY Car Care Everyone Can Do

By Family Features While taking your car to an auto service professional is a great way to ensure its performance, the Car Care Council reminds vehicle owners there are few simple vehicle checks that they can easily learn and do themselves … read more

Beyond High School

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5 True Facts You Should Know About College

By Evetta McGriff The fall semester is in full swing and final exams are just around the corner. Now that you are almost through the semester, here are some facts you should know about college.   *Everyone you start college with … read more


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25 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

By Le’Juana Searcy When an important goal is in front of you that you have to accomplish – it is easy to slip into an abyss of doubt. Especially when your goals require something that is way harder than you … read more

Keepin' It Real!

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Moving on from a breakup

By Sharron Pete Perhaps you were blindsided or you saw it coming a mile away. Maybe you lost your nerve and opted for a text instead of face-to-face. Or you picked the most public place you could find, hoping to make … read more

Teen Speaks

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Overcoming the Pressures of a Drinking Society

By Le’Juana Searcy It is very important to feel confident in who you are and to honor your body, by staying cognizant of healthy choices and refusing to self-inflict habits that are detrimental to your livelihood.  If you are not … read more

Money Source

Project Yellow Light

Live Deliberately Essay Contest

Provided by: The Walden Woods Project/Thoreau Institute Award: $250 Deadline: March 15, 2018 The Live Deliberately Essay Contest is open to all students aged 14 – 21. You must submit an essay of no more than 750 words based on … read more