Something About Love

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By Le’Juana Searcy

Love is the most important foundation you can have in your life, it’s an intense feeling of deep affection that no man can live without. It’s a void that cannot be filled when one feels as if it is missing. There aren’t enough “things” in the world to replace it. Love goes further than saying kind, warm, and cute words to each other, or telling someone as much as possible that you love them. Love is multi-faceted and its impact is more profound than mere words – it’s how we nurture that special relationship with the utmost regard, because it is impossible to truly have a sincere love for someone and treat them badly…especially yourself.
There are many components under Love’s umbrella: caring, listening, spending quality time, forgiving, and not taking a judgmental stance, to name a few. The list goes on when it comes to the vast ways to show and express love. But one thing for sure, it is not designed to be conditional – turned on when things are going great, and turned off when things are not stellar.


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