Feeling Inadequate

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By Sharron Pete

Have you ever felt like no matter what you did it wasn’t good enough? You practiced every day, worked out, tried your best and still didn’t make the team. Or maybe you’ve studied your hardest, turned in every assignment and you still fall just a few points shy of the grade you’d like. Even when we’ve given our best, life has a way of sometimes making us feel inadequate-like we just don’t measure up. Many times, if we are not careful, those feelings of inadequacy can be fueled by the images that are fed to us daily via social media, TV and magazines.
Those images can provide us with a false sense of reality. Shows that boast realness by including it in their title or by featuring people that we consider genuine because they may look or sound like us, can lead us to believe that lifestyles that don’t measure up to those are less than.


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