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The True Gift

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By Le’Juana Searcy

It’s that jovial time of year again – where giving and receiving gifts are on the mind of youths and teens around the world.  It’s exciting and the anticipation is like a bolt of energy racing through your veins until you rip open that gift and beam to have gotten what you really wanted! Christmas is that merry time of year that is full of bliss and surprise.  But think about Thanksgiving.  It is an amazing holiday too and guess what?  The gift exchange component is not usually involved, just good food, time off from school, and being around family and friends!  When I think back on both holidays, what was super special to me, way after the presents were yesterday’s news – were the amazing memories created with the ones I love.  Not only do I get to reflect on the endearing memories today, it’s even better to share the stories with others, opening the door for them to exchange their special memories too.  Although gifts are fun and can make the heart jump with crazy joy – building special memories are the gifts that never gets old, and they can be summoned into your day anytime you want that beautiful memory during the holiday season to be revitalized, in your heart and mind residually!


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