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What to Consider When Dating

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By Le’Juana Searcy

The dating-love-bug has bit you and you are consumed with spending time with the one you adore. So many are in the fantasy world of boy meets girl, and they envision walking around in love on cloud nine 24/7.  Not to mention feeling as if they have scored major cool points to be dating someone considered as “eye candy.” Love goes beyond looks – there has to be more to offer, besides no one is perfect.  A solid relationship consists of good characteristics, maturity, and solid values. In addition, respect and honoring yourself and the other person is important when dating, especially when you have fond feelings that are involved. But you have to be realistic too, dating someone special to you now does not necessarily mean that you have met your soul mate for life at such an early age.  Your world is not over if the dating breaks off –  it may hurt, but always trust that things happen for a reason and learn what you can from the situation, and pick yourself back up.


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