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4 Keys to Being Academically Ready

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By Evetta McGriff

A new school year brings with it a lot of fun, excitement, and a new grade level. Whether you are starting your first year of middle school or your last year of high school, there are four key things to help you be academically ready for a new school year: Have a positive attitude, study, ask for help, and do your work.

Hopefully during the summer, you took time to rest, but you also continued learning in some form (visiting museums, talking to friends, etc.). How do you become academically ready for a new school year? First, you must get your mind ready for the new year. Have a positive attitude going into this school year. If you had some struggles with the previous year, let them go. You can’t change the past; you can only learn from it and move on in order to not to repeat the things that didn’t go well. Look at this new year as a new adventure and a chance to try again.


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