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Tackling the Pressure of Drinking on Prom Night

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By Le’Juana Searcy
Prom night is a time for memorable fun, amazing outfits, and one of the best parties that teens will remember for a life time. With all of the fun, glitz and glamor, you want to be responsible and safe. Peer pressure might try to tempt you to drink, but it is best to stick to your guns and say “no!” You have to stand up for your life and for those who care about you and your safety, and not take a chance with alcohol. It is not necessary to follow the crowd or let someone bully or sway you into doing something that is illegal for the sake of fun. There is nothing fun about being intoxicated and not coming home, if a fatal accident was to occur due to being under the influence. Not to mention, drinking alcohol can cause someone to not make sound, conscientious decisions.


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