A Teen’s Opinion on The Emphasis on School Sports

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Today in Colorado high schools we are afforded the opportunity to not only expand or minds but or bodies as well. We are free to join a wide variety of groups outside our required class studies. Weather it be math, science, band, language, or a variety of sports, we are free to choose. However, there are those who are determined to take those choices away from us. These poor, miss guided soles believe their way is the only way. More often then not, when these type of people talk of taking away certain choices they tend to target sports, considering them to be barbaric and uneducational. When it is in fact they who are turning back the wheels of intellectual enlightenment with the narrow-minded view that we should all be alike.

Athletes are the only ones that are hounded by the coaches, singled out in front of our teachers, told that we need to keep our grades up, we are constantly holding grades that are higher than most students in our schools. There is a organization that makes very strict rules for us; there are no gray lines and that we all must meet the standards of a 2.0 or better or we cannot participate in any sport; nor can we ditch a class or get suspended for any number of days. There are ifs, ands or butts about it. This organization holds one of the highest standards of them all and that is for every member of every sport including sprit squad and that is the Colorado High School Athletic Association. This is the panel that makes the rules and enforces them upon anyone and everyone with no exceptions.

Athletes have proved over and over again that they are better at school than their counter parts and that athletes have a higher GPA and miss three less days of school each year. Out of 1,500 plus students, about 500 of them are athletes and they all do the same things at school they have no special exception to the school rules and they cannot get away with anything that any other student would. Most of the students here at school are not doing any worse than the athletes. However, there are still those who are doing less than normal students and vice versa.

Parents of those who are opponents of extra school sports are miss guided and do not like them. They have not seen the real numbers and the true results that athletes do. They all learn what sportsmanship is, what it is to work as a team and that is something that is very useful in the working world today.

So, athletes may be the ones that get separated from a crowd and pointed out at assemblies and talked about by some people; but they made that choice by becoming an athlete and becoming one of the best in his or her field or particular sport that he or she is in. Remember that there are less scholarships to colleges in sports than there are in academics. — (123HelpMe)